When dogs and kids form a bond, it’s probably the cutest thing in the world.

Let’s make sure that bond is positive and full of fun.

Here are some of the services offered:

Kids and dogs socialization 

Dogs are often scared of kids because their movements can be unpredictable to a dog. We can cover how to safely have your child interact with your dog, show you some games they can play together to solidify their relationship, and how to give your dog the space it needs when it needs it.

house set-up for dogs and kids

If you already have kids and a dog, then you know that organization is key. If you are in the planning stages, kudos to you! You are ahead of the game! Apartments can be set up in such a way that dogs can have their safe space, toys, and bones to chew on, so that they are not disturbed by their two legged friend when they need a break. In turn, kids can have the freedom to play and run around without the fear of scaring your dog.


dog body language

Kids are smart. Learning how to read body language in their dog can be great fun and educational. Your dog will feel even more comfortable around your family knowing every member understands him or her.

resource guarding

Resource guarding can become an issue with dogs around kids. Your kids can learn how to safely take things from dogs and when to let dogs be for the safety of everyone. You’ll learn the techniques that should always be used around dogs. This way if your dog doesn’t have a resource guarding issue, it much less likely he/she will develop one. Or, if you are already experiencing a guarding issue, you’ll know how to keep your kids safe.