Adult dogs are just as eager to learn.

Whether its a new dog you’ve just adopted or your dog that is showing some new behaviors, it’s important to stay on top of potential issues.

Here are some of the services offered:

dog training 

Was your dog an angel and recently started exhibiting some naughty behaviors? Counter surfing, increased barking in the home, chewing furniture? There may be a root to the problem and some basic training may be in order.

Dog socialization

Adult dogs can still be socialized. We can work on fears that have long been established – hooded jackets, loud city noises, grooming brushes, etc.

recall training

Adult dogs want to have fun too! It’s not to late to give your dog the gift of unbridled freedom. Prospect Park, Owls Head Park, Dyker Park, and many more areas are wonderful places us to practice off-leash training.  

resource guarding

Dogs learn to guard things from other dogs or people in various ways and for many different reasons. Learn how to approach this behavior safely and carefully. This is especially important in household with multiple dogs and/or children.

loose leash walking

Training a dog to walk on a loose leash is not just for puppies. If you just adopted an older dog, it’s likely he or she never learned how to walk properly on a leash. Or perhaps it’s crazy about squirrels, who isn’t! You can learn some techniques to minimize the pulling.

leash and non-leash aggression

All to often dogs come to you with some exhibited aggression toward dogs and/or people. There are techniques that we can work on that will help minimize potentially dangerous situations.

Dog body language

Body language is even more important with adult dogs. Learn how to walk your dog and know what he/she is feeling and trying to communicate. Maybe he/she is telling you that they don’t actually want to say hello to an approaching dog or person. Learn the signs and your dog will thank you.