When should you start socializing your puppy? After they’ve received all their shots, right? Wrong!

After just one set of shots, your puppy should start learning to adjust to the world around them, including other dogs. This can be done in a controlled environment, with other vaccinated puppies and gentle older dogs.

Here is what Harmony Puppy School offers:

its Socialization Time

The 16 week socialization period for puppies is seriously short. Your veterinarian will tell you to stay away from other dogs until all their shots are done, but you run will run the risk of missing out on this critical period and likely will run into behavior issues down the road. However, it is possible to safely socialize your puppy. The American Society of Veterinary Behavior recommends early socialization and positive reinforcement based training for all puppies to prevent potentially life-threatening behavior problems in adolescent and young dogs. 

To support this critical socialization work, I provide safe play dates for puppies to learn how to properly play with other dogs. The dogs I choose for play dates can be other puppies or older dogs with great play styles that will help socialize your pup and also teach him/her proper play etiquette.

Harmony Puppy School will cover:


  • Learning of proper play, reading signals, and learning to be called out of play.

  • Exposure to novel objects. I will cover indoor and outdoor sights and sounds of normal urban living. I will use actual items (ex. stroller, skateboard, crutches) for anything that can be used indoors and recordings for things that cannot be brought into the training training area (ex. buses and garbage trucks, thunder).

  • Exposure to novel humans! Winter is coming so it is critical for puppies to be socialized to bulky jackets, hats, and hoods. Without meaning to, we can often scare dogs with the things we wear. This is a great way to acclimate them to the bulkiest season.

  • Puppies will also be gently introduced to handling for vet visits and visits to the groomer.

Basic training

  • Manners: I will provide some simple basic training so your puppy will start learning how to sit, lay down, and stay. They’ll also start learning not to jump on people or beg for food or attention.

  • Safety: Your puppy will start learning his or her name and also how to “drop” and “leave” items he/she wants to pick up with their mouths. This can become very handy in an urban environment!


  • Harmony Puppy School takes place in my home for two hours at an agreed upon time

  • It is designed for puppies 10 to 20 weeks of age.

  • Your puppy will interact with another puppy or very gentle adult dog so she/he can learn proper play and how to read signals from other dogs.

  • As the trainer, I will cover the socialization work with other dogs, objects, and handling as well as the basic training cues.

  • All puppies are required to have received at least one set of shots. The adult dogs will be fully vaccinated (I provide the playmates).

  • Pick up and drop off is available depending on your location.

  • Please contact me for pricing.