Dogs love the training process when it is a positive experience!

Dog training provides opportunities for building a bond based on trust.

Kim gave us the tools and understanding with which to gain peaceful control over this monster and turn him into the gentle giant he was always destined to be.
— Lydia Robersons, Petrusie's mom

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Hi! I'm KIM Drach-Neff, Dog trainer, CPDT-KA

I have been working with dogs for 16 years all throughout Brooklyn, NY. To say I love dogs would be a great understatement! My biggest reward is witnessing that moment when the training concepts click with a client and the relationship with their dog is forever changed. 

My aim is to give my clients the ability to understand and appreciate their companions for who they are and, provide the tools to help them succeed in their lives. Dog training can be a fun activity for the whole family, even kids can learn how to communicate with their furry companion. My goal is to create a plan of action that works with the family as a whole in order to maximize our success.

Humans and dogs are social animals. Dog training is simply the understanding of how dogs communicate and using that newfound knowledge to guide them toward behaviors that we want and to eliminate those we don’t. I work with people and their dogs to open that two-way communication, it is then up to the owners to continue to use the techniques they learn in their daily life. 

By understanding facial expressions, body language, and vocalization, together we will bridge the communication gap between you and your pet. Training is more than just teaching behaviors. It provides opportunities for building a bond based on trust, resulting in better behavior and a closer, healthier relationship.      

Dogs love the training process when it is a positive experience. By working together, you will learn how to train your dog using gentle, humane, research-based methods. All of our training will be based on Positive Reinforcement methods. Your relationship with your dog will skyrocket!

I look forward to meeting you and your pup!