Dogs see the world differently than we do. Even though we don’t really want to believe that, it’s true.

Learn to detect what is scaring your dog, and how to properly introduce him/her to that scary thing!

Here are some of the services offered:

Dog fears other dogs 

When dogs bark at other dogs on the leash, it most likely stems from fear. Unfortunately, people are often at a loss of what to do and we see a lot of leash pulling, yelling, and a general disdain for the situation. You can use different techniques that will not add to the fear of the situation but help to calm them down. When these techniques are used long enough, eventually you will see a dramatic reduction in the barking. It takes work and dedication but it is possible.

Dog fears strangers

Unless your dog is pulling, crying, and generally super excited about approaching a person, it probably does not want to say hello. We often put dogs in situations they don’t want to be in and they just put up with it. Dogs are so resilient! Learn the signals that your dog is afraid of an approaching person and how to handle the situation.


Dog fears kids

Dogs often find kids a bit scary. Let’s face it, kids are unpredictable, they move their limbs in all directions, they can scream at the drop of a hat, so, they are in fact generally terrifying (to a dog). Learn how to introduce your dog to kids and also learn how to tell kids how to approach your dog. They are usually very willing participants!

Dog Fears plastic bags, boxes, or anything that looks weird

You’ve probably seen it happen. You’re walking with your dog and all of a sudden the wind picks up and the plastic bag on the curb moves. Well, that is a monster, no question about it! Learn how to treat this situation like a pro. Help your dog feel more secure and maybe, with a little time, the next time it happens he/she will simply look at you for a treat.