Puppies don’t have to be the little devils we learn to love, they can start learning proper behavior right away.

The time we spend together will be tailored to your needs. We can work on a range of issues or simply plan for the arrival of your puppy. 

Here are some of the services offered:

Home-setup for a puppy

We can figure out the best place to have your puppy, what it can access to, and plan for the best set up for housetraining. A setup plan is especially valuable when kids live in the home so that everyone can have their own space but also the ability to interact.

Puppy Training and basic manners

Learning how to sit, lay down, and stay is important, but so is learning to drop things he/she picks up on the street, to not to jump on people or counter surf, or not to beg for food while you are trying to have dinner! 

Loose leash walking

My guess is that one of the reasons you got a dog is because you want to be able to take it on pleasant, leisurely strolls around your neighborhood. Let’s make sure that happens with some quick loose leash walking training!

Dog body language

Dogs have their own communication language. They use everything from their eyes and mouth to their tail. Tap into these signals and read your dog to address what he or she is trying to tell you.

Puppy Socialization

Puppies have a critical socialization period of 16 weeks. This means that we have a short window to positively socialize your puppy to people, kids, other dogs, city noises, walking canes, and anything else we can think of, to avoid issues later on in their life. Proper introductions to the world around them is the bread and butter to having a well adjusted pet.

Safe Puppy Playdates

To support the critical socialization work that we'll do, I can provide safe play dates for your puppy to learn how to properly play with other dogs. The dogs I choose for play dates can be other puppies or older dogs with great play styles that will help socialize your pup and also teach him/her proper play etiquette.

Recall training

One of the best ways to have a well behaved puppy is through exercise. Recall training is an important and safe thing to know. Whether you live near Prospect Park, Owls Head Park or Dyker Park, or a dog run, being able to call your dog back to you at a moment’s notice is critical. Plus, you’ll impress all the other dog owners.