Katie & Moosie

I started working with Kim about 2 weeks after I brought home my first puppy (and first dog!) As a single woman with a full-time job, I was completely overwhelmed. Kim was incredible. Her help went way beyond just excellent dog-training, but included training me to be a great dog-owner as well as happily fielding many tear-filled calls when I was feeling stressed. It turns out puppies are a lot of work!!

Moose is now 2, and Kim has continued to be an intermittent trainer, and a constant friend. Her positive training methods helped Moose become a happy, loving, well-mannered little guy. I often see anxiety and stress in dogs, which he just doesn’t have, and I firmly believe it’s due to her training methods. She is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about her work. Luckily for me, she’s also understanding of her clients’ limitations and has the skill (and patience) to create a plan that works with them. Oh, and she helped me bring a cat into our little apartment home when moose was almost 1.

When I was feeling dejected and worried that I made a huge mistake, she kept me going and now we’re all doing great:)

Kate Getzewich, MD, Park Slope


Judy & Jonie

Kim is not simply a dog trainer (and a human trainer), though she's an amazing at both. The invaluable gift that she has imparted to my family in her work with us and our new puppy is knowledge and wisdom about how our dog is perceiving the world. Yes, our mischevious 7 month-old has learned to sit, has rocket recall, and can "leave it" when the object in question is a delicious treat but, as important, we are understanding how to read our puppy and use that awareness to move her toward great behavior and reduced frustration—for her and for us. I would insist to anyone I know who is thinking of getting a puppy (or is having a doggie issue) that they must have Kim on their team. She is joyful, empathetic, and has the most dog smarts of anyone I've ever met.

Jonie's mom, Judy



Nobody knows dogs like Kim Drach! With just a few visits she was able to help me and my whole family relate to our new puppy!  She was always available for questions and was able to troubleshoot problems we were having. We love our little girl!

Thanks so much Kim!

Dot's mom, Beth & Family


Lydia and Petrusie

Kim came to us during a crucial stage in our 90lb giant breed puppy’s development. He had just started to have terrible tantrums whenever leaving the park and had destroyed several leashes. He was fairly frightening when mid-tantrum and they rendered him nearly impossible to walk. During the tantrums, he would also attack play our adult senior dog which was driving her crazy too. Kym gave us the tools and understanding with which to gain peace full control over this monster and turn him into the gentle giant he was always destined to be.

Petrusie's mom, Lydia


Jacob & Regina

Kim has worked with us since Jacob was 4 months old; and here we are almost three years later enjoying a dog-owner relationship based on trust, harmony, and fun! Kim has tirelessly helped me to use cues for communicating with Jacob, and note behaviors that let me know about and react to his feelings of happiness, fear, fatigue, and frustration. 

My whole family has learned from Kim about how to manage behaviors and enjoy Jacob. She has provided us with so many resources about walking, barking, nutrition, and exercise that now allow Jacob to have a well- balanced life.

Now I’ve had animals in my life since a youngster, and never have I had such a wonderful relationship with a dog. And I need to add that Jacob, my food-driven and energetic cocker spaniel, is the biggest handful of a dog I’ve ever experienced. Thanks to Kim, I observe, thoughtfully react, and laugh while living with Jacob.

Jacob's mom, Regina



Kim you’re a miracle worker!! As you know our dogs Are  resource guarders and I was their biggest resource. They fought a lot and had no relationship between them. You gave me the tools so that I am not their resource but the calm center. The dogs have formed beautiful relationships as you can see from the pictures that are attached. And they almost always are willing to share me.

Love always, Franci