Training your dog can be fun and rewarding process for both you and your pup. Your relationship status will totally rock.


The key to having a loving and understood dog is Positive Reinforcement training. After you learn the basic concept, we’ll be off to the races. You will start to notice a change in the relationship with your dog right away, and that’s even before we work
on the specific issues you want to address.

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget
— Alfred Muricer

puppy training

With a quick understanding of what puppies need, we create a plan to help you get thru this challenging time. From proper puppy socialization and house training to setting up your home for success, finding harmony at home with a puppy is possible!

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kids & dogs

Integrating a dog into a home with a child or vice versa can be done in a way that is well planned and much less stressful. Learn the simple techniques you’ll need to make sure both your child and dog are safe, happy, and building a wonderful bond of their own.

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dog training

Yes, adult dogs can learn new tricks. I can help with anything from basic manners and leash walking to aggression, resource guarding, fear of strangers, and everything in between. And, let's face it, we need to be ready for anything living in Brooklyn!

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Dog socialization is the key to happiness. Socializing a dog to potential fears early on - other dogs, city noises, children, strangers, grooming, and much more – will ensure you a well adjusted pup so you can both enjoy those long walks you always envisioned.

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I provide dog training in all areas of Brooklyn: 

Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Carroll Gardens, Beorum Hill, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights
Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Midwood, Bayridge, Bensonhurst
and many more!